Welcome to the Re-Use of Public Sector Information Portal

This portal contains links to all specified bodies in Ireland which have obligations under DIRECTIVE 2003/98/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the re-use of public sector information.
This Directive applies to public sector bodies generally, with certain exclusions, and sets out a harmonised framework within which public sector data from across the EU can be accessed. The Directive is intended to stimulate economic activity, innovation and competition and to assist the evolution of an information and knowledge-based economy and society.
This dedicated website, which has been developed by the Centre for Management and Organisational Development, Department of Finance, allows the State to meet its obligation under Article 9 of the Directive which requires Member States to “ensure that practical arrangements are put in place that facilitate the search for documents available for re-use”.
The Directive has been transposed into Irish law by Statutory Instrument (SI) European Communities (Re-Use of Public Sector Information) Regulations 2005 (SI 279 of 2005) which places an obligation on public sector bodies to provide information about material that they are prepared to release under the Directive (please use the links provided across to access this information). The Regulations also give powers to the Minister of Finance to require public sector bodies to supply information to him and to specify the format.
A standard licence for re-use of information has been prepared under these regulations and is available, together with the full text of both the Directive and the Regulations, in PDF format in the folder across titled ‘PSI Documentation & Background Information’.